Be Loyal to Your Soil!

Permaculture (12)Last weekend the hubs and I took a little road trip out to Sebastopol to attend a compost workshop being put on by Grab n’ Grow at the Permaculture Skills Center.

Little did I know that May 3rd-9th was Compost Awareness Week (who knew they had such a thing?). A friend told me about the free workshop and I quickly went online to reserve my spot. While I have never personally shopped at Grab n’ Grow (though it’s on my list to stop by soon), I do like to go on their website and read through their blog posts for tips. They’re awesome!

I thought I knew a lot about compost, but I felt the workshop was very informative and I left a little bit wiser. So let’s “dig in” to what I learned and enjoy a little eye candy courtesy of the Permaculture Skills Center. Continue reading “Be Loyal to Your Soil!”


May Chores & Tips for Sonoma Gardens

P1020996With the threat of frost long past and ample amounts of sunshine in the forecast, it’s no wonder May is considered one of the best months to be outside tending your garden in Sonoma County.

It’s also one of those months where garden chores can pile up in the blink of an eye. A few doses of rain and some warm sunshiny days and everything roars into life! Including the birds.

I know I can’t be the only one who needs a to-do list in order to function (aka keep my brain on track), so I’ve whipped up one for May detailing all the chores that will make for a happy, healthy, and abundant garden as the year grows on. Continue reading “May Chores & Tips for Sonoma Gardens”