Welcome to my happiness project!

This is my online plot where I talk about growing, living, planning, and finding happiness in beautiful Sonoma County.

Luther Burbank once said that Sonoma is “The Chosen Spot as far as all of Nature was concerned.” From the climate to the fertile soil to the rolling green hills, it just feels right–at least for me.

I haven’t always lived in the middle of this paradise though. I grew up on 4 acres in sunny (and dry) Southern California where my parents still run a bedding plant nursery that sits right down the hill from our house. You could say that horticulture runs in my blood, but unfortunately, I didn’t realize my passion for plants until after college (oops). Now, plant identification, permaculture, and vegetable gardening are all hobbies rather than a career, but maybe that’s what keeps it fun!

Since moving north, I’ve bought a house on a modestly sized lot and dream of homesteading the way a kid dreams of Christmas. After suffering from a repetitive strain injury for almost 2 years and being unable to manage my garden, I’ve quit my job in order to heal, shut down the pity party, and am ready to get down to business.

Once I’ve proven to myself that I have what it takes to make things grow, I’ll seriously address my need for land. Until then, this blog is my way of capturing the little moments in my garden and life that make me happy to sit in the sun and listen to the bees buzz.

Happy Digging,