Garden Update

Catching Up on the Harvest

Once again I had a less than stellar crop this summer. The culprit–I suspect–is sunlight.

The previous owner installed raised beds in the side yard, and they just don’t get enough sun–like only 5-6 hours of sun at the most during the summer. I did get some tomatoes and peppers, but not enough to support me and my tomato-ravaging baby bear. That kid will just take bites out of tomatoes like they’re apples.

I’m still going to put the beds to use though. The rhubarb, artichokes, and herbs are all thriving, so I think I’ll play on that theme and add more of the same. I just planted Parsley, Sage, Rosemary , and Thyme (as recommended by Simon and Garfunkel).

I also direct seeded some arugula, spinach, and cool weather peas in the bed that does get the most sun. The arugula have popped up but that’s it so far.

And finally the star of fall has appeared–RAIN!

Two weekends of wet weather have my lawn coming almost back to life. Almost, and only if it enjoys being covered with bald spots.

Other Garden News:

  • The Pineapple Sage is finally sending out bright red flowers. I didn’t remember it being such a late bloomer.
  • The Cedar out front is dropping its cone-thingys (we call them tree penis’, but I’m guessing that’s frowned on).
  • The Abutilons are going strong.

All right the kidlet is stirring and I still have writing work to do.

Happy Digging,


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