Garden Update

Holy Spring Batman!

Peony Starting around April, it’s a normal occurrence to hear the gardeners of Sonoma singing in celebration:

“It’s here, it’s here! My favorite time of year! Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.”

Or maybe that’s just coming from my backyard…

Either way, as the sentiment lazily drifts across the warming breezes, I’ve already started dreaming of juicy tomato sandwiches, ripe plums, and so much squash I can’t freeze, barter, or doorbell ditch enough of it.

However, it also brings on a new wave of chores.


In the past few weeks I’ve managed to direct seed some spinach, arugula, carrots, green onions, and peas.

IMG_20160513_083954408 IMG_20160513_084014261

I’ve also been busy planting tomatoes, squash, cucumber, peppers, and eggplant. I’m trying a Black Krim tomato this year as well as a Burbank slicing. I can’t wait!

Then there was adding new dripping to the beds. I’ve decided to experiment with square foot gardening in one 3’x8′ bed, so we’ll see how that goes.

This is also the first year I’ve tackled the lawn maintenance. It’s always a challenge to get the old  hubsters out there, so I did it myself. That’s right–my tendonitis has finally retreated enough to tackle the weed whacking!


I’m maybe not so good at it yet… but the great [haha] thing about lawns is that you get lots of practice!

Also, I’m digging the leaf blowing. I gotta say that now I know why my dad loves his leaf blower. All those angsty teenage years of waking at seven a.m. to the grating whir of the leaf blower and then tromping around the house pissed off, are suddenly wiped free from my mind.

Now there is no eave, patio, driveway, or leaf pile that’s safe from my tidying! Mwahahaha


But seriously, that thing is my new favorite toy. In fact, I’m going to go out and use it today to blow pine needles off the front patio, and maybe the spiders out from under my new picnic table, and I’ll probably use it clean up the cut grass because — let’s face it — raking is for chumps.

Happy Digging!





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