Crazy February Weather


The rain has come to play yet again this week after an incredibly hot week with temps in the upper ’80’s to ’90’s.

The plants thought it was spring and started bursting into bloom. Hopefully this won’t mean a poor fruit crop this year. My plum just started to flower and the rain might have ruined its chances for pollination.

The magnolia trees around town are all brilliantly displaying their colors. These maroon ones are my favorite.

IMG_20160219_134115024_HDRThese Lewisia are in need of an upgrade to a larger pot, but for now they are incredibly happy and doing well with our cold weather.

IMG_20160219_134202128The hardenbergia is also out in full force. I love the purple hue, and the bees are in heaven. My baby girl immediately went to grab the flowers and shove them in her mouth (a move which mommy said was a no-no).

Not much work has been going on in the garden, but lots of fun has been had in the kitchen. Homemade pizza with roasted garlic is on the agenda for dinner tonight!

Happy Digging,


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