Garden Update

New Year, New Garden Resolutions

I’m going to say it, and hope I don’t jinx it: This is the year I get my garden growing!

With a new kidlet to care for, and an almost tendinitis free body, I’m more determined than ever to start overhauling my garden and consume what comes out of it rather than what comes from the supermarket.

This year I plan to

  • Update my drip lines,
  • Go into spring with a plan,
  • Start my own seedlings for some plants,
  • Erect trellises for peas and squash,
  • Build a potting bench, and
  • Build a picnic table.

Things I would love to do include

  • Removing wood chips from the side of the house and moving gravel from the shed area to that area for better drainage (and to reduce the risk of termites);
  • Removing the garden boxes that are right next to the house (not great sun exposure and potentially an incubator for termites)
  • Expanding other garden boxes to get more sun/make up for losing the boxes next to the house;
  • Removing the lawn (it looks like shit anyways);
  • Creating a fire pit area with gravel or decomposed granite walkways;
  • Expanding the garden beds into lawn areas;
  • Planting drought tolerant flowers for hummingbirds and butterflies; and
  • Planting either kiwi vines or passion fruit to block the sun that hits the covered patio in the summer.

So um… doable? We shall see.

What I’ve been up to around the garden this month:

  • Added leaves to garden beds
  • Jan 21 – pruned roses out back
  • Weeded

Keep Digging,


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