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I have been remiss…

BUT I have pretty much the best excuse in the world–the birth of my own Sweet Pea!

September me (13)She was due on Sept. 24th, but decided to come three weeks early on the 3rd! Just like her daddy she likes to keep to her own schedule.

Things have been crazy yet happy to say the least. I’ve barely been able to get out into my garden. I did manage to pull out all the sadly neglected tomatoes and peppers.

IMG_20151124_110328481And harvest my sweet potatoes, though that was a sorry harvest.

IMG_20151124_110414883_HDRI also got the artichoke divided and actually surviving in a new bed. I decided to get smart and group my larger perennials together. My plan is to plant some flowers and other beneficial plants around them.

The perennial herbs are chilling closer to the house. Fresh Thyme went into my Shepherd’s Pie last week. Yurm.

August (2)The rain has finally come and Winter has settled in around here. These Mandevilla and Euphorbia are no longer looking so cheerful though.

The cooler weather is making me that much more focused on drinking tea and savoring time with this quickly growing girl. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 3 months!

I may have missed the window for direct sowing Sweet Pea seeds, but I’ll get something in the ground this year for my own Sweet Pea.

Happy Digging,


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