Garden Update

August Garden Update

August (4)Today we’re expecting another scorcher, so I’m doing what I can to keep the house cool and my garden from withering. Our weather has had a lot of ups and downs of late, from upper seventies one day to high nineties the next and back again. The heat has been good for the peppers, but next year I really want to have a better irrigation system installed. My irregular watering has resulted in blossom end rot on my Early Girl Tomatoes. : ( I shall not abide it next year!!!august 2 (1)July brought an onset of peaches to my table for about 3-4 weeks of harvesting. They were much smaller this year, probably because they got less water, but had a good flavor. They’re just now petering out though, and the ones I’m getting are a bit too mealy for my taste. I think I’m just not a big peach fan.

Here’s a little veggie recap:

The Sungold tomatoes are coming in quite well. These will always be a tomato staple in my garden.

The Early Girl tomatoes came on strong, but now a good portion are showing blossom end rot. Again, I think this is probably my fault for not keeping them properly watered (and potentially a calcium deficiency in my soil).

The Brandywine tomato has been almost a total fail. It flowered. It produced two fruits. It’s just sitting there now. : /August (5)The Marketmore Cucumber had a TON of flowers but only a few developed into fruits. The fruits were rather spiny, and twisty. Despite growing it next to a lattice and trying to train it, it wasn’t very interested in climbing. It’s just put out a few more flowers so I’m hoping for more fruit. Next year I think I’ll do two of the same cucumber so they can pollinate each other in the event no male flowers form on one of them.

The MexiBelle Peppers were not quite what we were expecting. Rather than 4″x5″ mildly spiced fruits we’re getting 2″x1″ crazy spicy fruits! Good thing I didn’t plant any jalapenos this year or I’d be overloaded with spicy peppers.

The two grafted bell peppers have sent out tons of flowers, but only a few fruits that are still teeny tiny.August (3)Herbs and sweet potatoes are sojourning on! I read recently that Sonoma County is not good for growing sweet potatoes, so we’ll see how those turn out.

One reason my garden hasn’t been very productive is that it’s not getting as much sun as the previous owners must have envisioned when installing the boxes. Since I’m working from home I’ve been able to keep an eye on them throughout the day, and they’re only getting between 4 and 5 hours of full sun. Most tomatoes need at least 6+. Looks like I might have to start rethinking my plantings and maybe move heat and sun lovers into containers on the patio.

Next up on the chores list is a little summer pruning on the plum and peach to keep their vigor in check.

Happy Digging,


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