Happy Succulents Come From Southern California

P1030173When I was down south visiting the family I had to take some pics of what was growing in the nursery. Succulents are definitely the plant of choice of late. Drought tolerant and available in an array of vibrant colors and intriguing textures, succulents are some of my favorite plants. P1030161 P1030168 P1030167 P1030162 P1030175 P1030163My parents devote part of a greenhouse to growing these weird little guys who run the gamut of looking like coral and octopus sea monsters to chubby jellybeans. In addition to succulents, my folks specialize in seasonal bedding plants, herbs and veggies, and ornamentals. P1030170My brother is currently experimenting with growing hops for his beer. They’ll have to get in the ground soon (before they take over the greenhouse with their sticky vines)!

Happy Digging,


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