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Sunny SoCal Shower

P1030157Back at the end of June my mother-in-law and I made the trip down south to my parents’ house for my baby shower. My folks live out in the hills on 4+ acres where they own and operate a wholesale nursery. Their backyard is amazing, and it’s there that we decided to have my baby shower.

P1030154My dad is a fantastic flower arranger so he was designated the official florist.June (20) June (34)The backyard was decked out in pinks and the tables set with fine china and tea to celebrate the little girl who’s brewing!P1030145ohkiquailIn other places around the grounds, cats were lurking and quail were quailing (aka freaking out if you got too near the cage).June (94)Sunsets are not to be missed. This one reminds me of the sun going down over a savannah. Makes me want to watch some Lion King.

Happy Digging,


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