A Visit to Russian River Rose Company

May Day 16 (7)

This post is a little late coming (sorry folks!). By a whole month actually… Let’s just say things have a way of getting away from me right now. Blame it on pregnancy hormones, blame it on my work schedule, blame it on the beautiful weather that entices me from my computer desk–basically just life!

My mom came up to visit for my birthday this year, and one of our must-do excursions was out to the Russian River Rose Company in Healdsburg.

I had first heard of this rural, family run nursery last year. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about it until after their garden’s show season. During the months of April and May, the gardens are open to the public on the weekends, and also play host to numerous outdoor events and teas.

This year I was not going to be thwarted.

We hit the road Saturday, meandering through the verdant back roads of Healdsburg, taking a wrong turn or two. But getting lost isn’t so bad when it’s amidst rolling green hills of grapes, studded here and there with lovely Victorian farmhouses and old barns.

The road we wanted took us deeper into the grape vines. Thinking we must have made a wrong turn we started to consider turning back, but then there suddenly appeared a beautiful Italian-esque villa buried within a garden of dangling gems.

We had made it.

The gardens include over 650 different varieties of roses, many of which were bursting into giant beautiful blooms during our visit in Mid May. The grounds are also home to a butterfly garden and an extensive and no less spectacular iris collection. They also operate a perfume distillery and sell over 100 varieties of roses well suited for Sonoma’s climate.

May Day 16 (10) May Day 16 (14) May Day 16 (15) May Day 16 (11) May Day 16 (1) May Day 16 (17) May Day 16 (13) May Day 16 (5) May Day 16 (9)

We spent quite a while meandering between the beds, stopping to smell the roses and the delightful rose essential oils they distill before heading into downtown Healdsburg to enjoy a pint at Bear Republic Brewery (for the husband) and a Thai Iced Tea Ice Cream from Noble Folk (for the prego woman and mom).

Happy Digging,


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