Strawberry Cupcakes & a Bun Update

May was a bit of a crazy month, though not that crazy in the garden.

My beds are getting established and starting to take over with the sungolds in the lead as the fastest growers and my cucumber close behind. Every time I make my lunch, whether it’s a sandwich, salad, or pasta, I can’t help but wish for a fresh vine ripened tomato. Soon!!!

Sungold Tomato
I’ve got my eye on you…

Why all the craziness otherwise?

Obsessive-compulsive nesting has officially set in since finding out we’re having a little girl! I dream, eat, and sleep in pink now (which is funny because I’ve always been more of a purple girl myself), and tiny tutus, and little matching aprons sets… this list could go on forever.

The first order of business once finding out what we were having was–of course–making her first ever Baby Girl Cupcakes. And what better type to make than strawberry cupcakes! Being too excited at the prospect, I failed to take good pictures. Womp womp.

CupcakeThis was my first time making real cupcakes, and they turned out SO GOOD. Super moist with just the right amount of strawberry flavor. A lot of the recipes I’ve seen called for adding strawberry Jell-O, which sounded disgusting. Instead I finally found one that called for puréed fresh or frozen strawberries and a little bit of food coloring to give it that perfect pink color. I used this recipe for Pink Lady Cake over at Smitten Kitchen (this is my favorite food blog by far), but did them as cupcakes instead. The only thing I had to change was the cooking time. I watched them like a hawk and it took about 17-18 minutes per batch.

Then all I had to do was whip up a batch of cream cheese frosting and these babies were good to go! The recipe ended up making 39 cupcakes. Most we took to friends and coworkers and the rest kept surprisingly well in the freezer. So well I wish we still had some around. : )

Life is good on the homestead!

Keep digging,


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