Garden Update

Garden Update: Planting Time

Over the weekend we got some much needed rain–only about a quarter of an inch, but I’ll take what I can get. It gave the garden beds a really good soaking and made up my mind that it was time to plant.

On Sunday we got out there with our trowels and plotted out where to put all of our little seedlings.

Keep reading to learn what we got in the ground!

So here’s our plot so far:

  • Sungold Tomatoes x2 (My favorite for a gardening snack. Few make it inside.)
  • Brandywine Tomato x1 (My husband liked the name, so into the plot it goes!)
  • Early Girl Tomato x1 (What can I say? There’s nothing like a homegrown tomato.)
  • Mexi Bell Peppers x6
  • Mystery Pepper X2 (I’m not sure what the variety is as they were a gift.)
  • Marketmore Cucumber x1
  • Bibb Lettuce x1row
  • Danvers Half Long Carrots x2rows

There are still a few things I’d like to get, particularly some beans and some type of summer squash, but I feel this should be a good beginner’s garden.

The cucumber already looks like it’s grown!
Peppers and Tomatoes and Pineapple Sage
Here we’ve got more peppers and tomatoes, onion starts, a hardy rhubarb, and thyme.

The hubs is just starting to expand his vegetable palette (what he calls “refined” I call picky), and is willing to eat things he wouldn’t normally eat as long as they come from our garden. He even said he would try eating tomatoes this year!!! Which is why I needed to plant two Sungold Tomatoes. Guess again if I’m going to share one plant’s worth of those.

My plan is to ease him into the wonders of veggie gardening until he too yearns for fresh, homegrown tomatoes straight off the vine. Yurm!

Keep on digging,


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